This a new service introduced by the Board of Inland Revenue (BIR) to assist taxpayers who have not yet registered for e-Tax with ttconnect to file their returns on the e-Tax homepage at

The process for accessing the ‘Non-Logged In Returns Service’ is as follows:

  1. Have on hand, your BIR file Number, PAYE/VAT Account Number and BIR Letter ID Number. (This number can be found on any ‘Official Receipt’ or ‘Advice of Assignment of BIR Number and Account Numbers’)
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the ‘Prepare a Return’ link, under the Non-Logged In Services section 
  4. Use BIR numbers, listed in (1) above to complete the verification process
  5. Enter details on return online
  6. Print ‘Declaration Form’ and Summary
  7. Review and verify the data entered on the Summary (The Summary is to be retained for your personal records)
  8. Sign the printed ‘Declaration Form’ and submit same to any of the Division’s Regional or District Revenue Offices. (A full list of office locations can be found at

Please note that the return cannot be processed without the submission of the signed ‘Declaration Form’.