The differences between both services are as follows:

‘Non-logged In service’‘Logged In service’
  • Service does not require the taxpayer to register for e-Tax via ttconnect
  • Returns can only be processed on receipt of a signed ‘Declaration Form’
  • Online returns can only be prepared for the years 2019 and onwards
  • No immediate confirmation of return filing
  • Cannot view accounts & transactions
  • Must visit IRD’s offices to transact business and confirm filing of returns
  • No access to the services offered under the ‘logged In service’.
  • Service requires registration for e-Tax via ttconnect
  • Automatic same or next business day processing
  • Online returns can be prepared for any year
  • Immediate confirmation of return filing
  • Ability to view transactions and filing periods for previously filed returns
  • Ability to register for other tax accounts
  • Convenience of transacting business without making visits to IRD’s offices
  • Access to the services offered under the ‘logged In service’.