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e-Tax is the online portal provided by the Inland Revenue Division (IRD) for taxpayers to manage their tax accounts online. By accessing e-Tax at https://etax.ird.gov.tt in any standard web browser, taxpayers can register to view their accounts, file returns, and correspond with IRD. e-Tax is safe, easy, and convenient.

e-Tax gives the customers of the Inland Revenue Division online access to their tax accounts and related information. 

e-Tax has features which would allow you to view tax balance, check refunds status and perform a wide variety of tasks.  

e-Tax allows you to authorize other persons to access your account.  These persons include tax practitioners or accountants.

In addition to viewing your personal accounts you can also manage your company’s or client’s accounts by requesting another type of access to e-Tax. There are three access types used to access other taxpayer’s accounts:

  1. Delegated Access – Officials of a company grants access to the company’s tax account(s)
  2. Third-Party Access
    • Grants access to your account
    • Request access to another person’s accounts
  3. Accounting Firm Access – Used by accounting firms to give their employees access to their clients’ accounts.

What type of access do I need?

How Do I Enroll for e-Tax?

To use e-Tax, you need to get your ttconnect ID

Register for your ttconnect ID in three (3) simple steps:

1. Complete and Submit the ttconnect ID Registration Form (www.ttconnect.gov.tt) online. Ensure your BIR number is included in the registration form.
Once completed and submitted, you should receive an email notification with additional registration details. If you do not receive any such notification please send an email to info.ttconnect@gov.tt
2. Activate your ttconnect ID (instructions for activation are contained in the email notification).
3. Visit a ttconnect Service Centre (except Nicolas Towers) with the following forms of valid Identification / Documentation, as well as your ttconnect ID, in order to complete the registration process. Make sure to indicate to the Customer Service Representative that you are registering for e-Tax.

BIR Number Verification (any one of the following)
  • Advice of BIR or Advice of BIR and Acct Numbers
  • VAT Advisory
  • Tax Clearance
  • Statement of Account
  • Notice of Assessment

Identification (any two of the following)
  • National Identification Card
  • Drivers Permit
  • Passport
  • Electronic Birth Certificate
  • Naturalization Certificate

Once you have a ttconnect ID, you can visit https://etax.ird.gov.tt to begin using e-Tax!

Your First e-Tax Access

The first time you use e-Tax, an extra validation will occur. The authorized person accessing e-Tax must know one of the following:

  • Recent return figure
  • Letter ID from a recent letter
  • Recent payment amount and the account to which it was paid

You will then be asked to create a password that will be used to gain access to that BIR number in e-Tax. This password must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least eight (8) characters long
  • Contain characters from each of the following four (4) categories:
    • English uppercase letters (A through Z)
    • English lowercase letters (a through z)
    • Numeric characters (0 through 9)
    • Non-alphanumeric characters (for example !, @, #, $, %)

This password will be used to access e-Tax only and must not be shared with anyone.

What can I do in e-Tax?

  • Access your tax account information
  • Register for a tax account
  • Grant or remove access to your account
  • Retrieve tax balances
  • Electronically file tax returns
  • View Correspondence
  • View transactions for previously filed returns
  • View status of refund
  • Submit queries
    …. And much more!

What are the Benefits of using e-Tax?

e-Tax provides the following benefits:

  • Convenient and reliable service
  • A secure environment
  • Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • No postal delays
  • Potentially lower administrative costs
  • Easy way to file returns
  • Confirmation or acknowledgement of filing the return
  • Return tracking
  • Faster processing times


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