How do I register an Administrator?

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Individuals who have been nominated as Administrators for their company must be an employee of the company, be enrolled for e-Tax with ttconnect and present the following to IRD:

  • The person(s) must visit IRD’s Registration Section with the following:
    • A letter from the company, on a company letter head, confirming the authorization to access the Company’s e-Tax  account(s).  The letter must be signed by any two (2 ) directors and affixed with the Company stamp.
    • Walk with a copy of the Company Registration, Director Particulars / Change in Directors form and current Annual Company Return.  If you don’t have a current annual return, the Customer Service Representative will check your date of incorporation to verify that the annual return is not required.
    • Get any IRD issued document such as receipt, notice of assessment or letter to confirm the Company’s BIR number.
    • Administrator’s name, ttconnect id and BIR number
    • Administrator’s work email and phone number
    • A valid photo id (DP, ID, PP)

When the registration is completed the Administrator will receive 2 emails, one from IRD with a temporary password and login instructions, the other from ttconnect letting them know that they now have access to the company’s profile on e-Tax.