What Type Of e-Tax Access Do I Need?

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I need Individual Access to e-Tax

To use e-Tax, you need to get your ttconnect ID

Register for your ttconnect ID in three (3) simple steps:

  1. Complete and Submit the ttconnect ID Registration Form (www.ttconnect.gov.tt) online. Ensure your BIR number is included in the registration form.
    Once completed and submitted, you should receive an email notification with additional registration details. If you do not receive any such notification please send an email to info.ttconnect@gov.tt.

  2. Activate your ttconnect ID (instructions for activation are contained in the email notification).

  3. Visit a ttconnect Service Centre (except Nicolas Towers) with the following forms of valid Identification / Documentation, as well as your ttconnect ID, in order to complete the registration process. Make sure to indicate to the Customer Service Representative that you are registering for e-Tax.

  • Advice of BIR or Advice of BIR and Acct Numbers
  • VAT Advisory
  • Tax Clearance
  • Statement of Account
  • Notice of Assessment
  • National Identification Card
  • Drivers Permit
  • Passport
  • Electronic Birth Certificate
  • Naturalization Certificate

Once you have a ttconnect ID, you can visit https://etax.ird.gov.tt to begin using e-Tax!

I need to grant External Access to someone who is not part of my organisation

Access may be granted to someone who is not part of your organisation to be an Administrator or an Account Manager. This person is refered to as an Authorsied Agent.

Both parties must have Indvidual Access (see above), and must have previously accessed the e-Tax service.
Follow the steps as outlined in the guide How Do I Add An Authorised Agent?.

A request is then sent from you, which must be accepted by the Authorised Agent.