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You are reminded that Quarterly Tax Instalments are due and payable on or before the following dates of each year-

  • March 31st    
  • June  30th
  • September 30th
  • December 31st



      Calculation of your Income/Corporation Tax Quarterly Instalments for the current year of income is based on an estimated chargeable income,

          which is the chargeable income of the previous year of income.

      Calculation of your Business Levy and Green Fund Levy Quarterly Instalments is based on the actual gross sales/receipt for the respective quarter

             The rates are 0.2% and 0.1% (of gross sales/receipts) respectively.

     Payments not made by the above dates will accrue interest at the rate of 20% per annum from the due dates to the date of payment.

     This amount will be included in the Notice of Assessment for the respective Year of Income.

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